Recycle Thread (ECO TERRA)

MTM EcoTerra is a 100% recycled sewing thread that delivers durable, attractive seams across a wide range of recycled fabrics and materials available in Spun Polyester, Poly–Poly core spun and Textured thread. GRS 4.0 certified Faster delivery and perfect shade matching Competitive pricing MTM EcoTerra is a 100% recycled premium range of sewing and embroidery threads, made of recycled pet bottles. EcoTerra is the first brand that is available in a complete range of polyester corespun, spun polyester and textured polyester threads. It is specially engineered to deliver a similar level of performance as the virgin range with the added advantage of sustainability. available in a complete range of MTM Global colour palettes and DTM. It is global recycle standard 100 by okeo-tex class 1, appendix 4 which is the highest level in the industry. EcoTerra is designed to be used for fashion apparel, home textile, jeanswear, lingerie, jackets, blouses, shirts and knitwear.