Quality Assurance Lab


Quality assurance has been a top priority for Muscat Thread Mills SAOG (MTM). For us, keeping up the quality of our sewing thread is very important, both during the sewing process, and till the life-end of the product. The most important quality requirements of a sewing thread are that the thread must pass smoothly through the small eye of the needle; for that, it must be uniform, knot-free, non-torque and fault free. Our products pass this test with flying colours.  Our threads are durable enough to withstand the abrasion and needle-heat that occur while sewing, garment finishing, stretching and recovery during wear.

We score high on seam strength, abrasion resistance, elasticity, chemical resistance and flammability. Our threads are of such high quality because our R&D unit keeps working hard to increase the quality of our thread. We regularly review the quality of our products, and focus on continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Policy and Quality Management System, and constantly improve the process for better product output and services.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Muscat Threads Mills SAOG undertakes comprehensive quality upgradation and safety management initiatives  to deliver secure and safe products to our customers. We work constantly towards strengthening the production-management and leverage technology, striving for higher levels of product quality. MTM keeps receiving feedback about the quality of our products from our clients, which we duly address. The Quality Assurance Cell and Management respond promptly to any defect in our products when pointed out, and determine whether to recall the product in question or not.

MTM guarantees to keep manufacturing highest-quality products, and also maintain the standard its products are famous for. The Quality Control Department in our factory strives to ensure the quality of raw yarns and coloured threads by applying quality control checks at our in-gates as raw materials enter the factory site; during the production processes, and also when finished products exit our out-gate. Through innovative production processes, this department ensures that the cost of our products remain competitive and customer-friendly. We follow international production norms, and this helps our professional staff in continuing to develop ideal products to suit regional requirements in the domain of industrial thread production.