Environment-friendly practices at the core


Environmental sustainability practices form the bedrock principle of Muscat Thread Mills SAOG (MTMS). The core competence of MTMS lies in producing threads of international standard, which is done in compliance with state-of-the-art European technology that works consciously towards reducing the carbon footprint in the threading industry.

At every stage of the process, we have adopted green manufacturing practices and deployed sustainability. Our drive to minimize waste, and recycle resources in every way possible is a commitment that is central to our core values, and the way we conduct business. 

By incorporating a methodology that promotes cost-savings and breakthrough solutions, we have created economic value across the value chain – all while ensuring that we sustainably manage natural, social and human capital for generations to come. For achieving energy efficiency, and preventing wastage of water, we are continuing to invest in innovative technologies to help reduce the carbon footprint in our operations at our facilities and processes.

Ours is a thoroughly responsible enterprise that is totally committed to our operations worldwide, as well as our customers, the society and the environment at large. For the textile industry, which is in urgent need of ecology-friendly production processes, this is a period of change. We support sustainable value-creation by investing in renewable energies and reducing environmental impact through innovative processes and technologies.

By using new technologies optimally, we keep up with the latest developments in research. That’s how innovation works, and MTM keeps up its promise of bringing out the best quality products. Your perfect seam starts with our employees. In the past, workers toiled in isolation on their specific craft, but the needs of the modern society require teams of interdisciplinary specialists. In our plants, highly specialized textile technologists, engineers, chemists and dyers work together to ensure that all details are coordinated to perfection. Our production sites have already stopped producing landfill waste.

We also largely avoid plastic waste in our packaging,  and as per our customers’ wish, avoid unnecessary packaging. Another important step that needs to be taken to become a sustainable textile industry is to reduce water consumption, and we have been quite successful in this endeavour.

The increasing demand for environment-friendly thread products continues to motivate our innovation drive. And for this reason, we have developed a variety of recycling threads whose raw material is derived from PET bottles.

Certified sustainability

We have been complying with the specifications and guidelines of OEKO-TEX®Standard 100 for many years now. We are also committed to avoiding the use of certain chemicals in our production process. In addition, we have also been complying strictly with the European chemicals regulation, REACH.